After selling the Good Feet Stores and leaving behind their first concepts, the original founders created a new company, Foot Supports International. Using over 20 years of experience they made the thinnest, sleekest, "Best arch support in the world" that fits in any shoe. Designed to instantly improve Your Balance and Posture, and provide pain free living at an affordable price for everyone.

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Do you have any of these Conditions?

Plantar Fasciitis
Poor Posture
Poor Balance
Flat Feet
High Arch
Arch Strain
Achilles Tendonitis
Ankle Pain
Back Pain
Heel Pain
Heel Spurs
Hip Pain
Knee Pain
Mallet Toes
Mortons Toe
Over Pronation
Overlapping Toes
Post-Tib Tendonitis
Poor Balance
Sore Joints
Shin Splints



You’ve Just Discovered the THINNEST, most EFFECTIVE BALANCE FOOT SUPPORTS on the market today! “Thin as a Pin” Balance Foot Supports are the SOLUTION to Foot, Ankle or Knee pain, Tired Joints and Sore Muscles. Wear them in any SHOE, BOOT OR SANDAL! Semi-Flexible, supporting all 4 arches under your foot! 

REALIGN and STABILIZE YOUR ENTIRE BODY helping conquer joint and muscle pain, and preventing degeneration throughout. Our BIONIC BLEND is made to move with you and last a lifetime. ENJOY travel, long walks and GREAT BALANCE.

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I have been dealing with front plate fasciatis since last November. I am AMAZED at how much I love these. They have changed my life! I love both of them. I use the grey pair at work, where I stand for hours at a time, the blue pair I put in my other pair of tennis shoes for walking for an hour. I have had them a couple weeks and have had no more pain through my foot. I also ordered a second set for my daughter at college and she LOVES them. She put one pair in her tennis shoes and one pair in a cute pair of boots. When they say they are THIN, they mean it. They have a slight give to them, which makes them ultra comfortable. I have a flat foot, and neither pair were painful or required breaking in. I am sold on these and have recommended them to my coworkers at the surgery center where I work. Thank you to the company for making such an excellent product that really does work. I hope this helps someone out there that is dealing with foot pain.

Mr Meshayar - Amazon customer - 10 Feb 2017


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